"Tangkahan is The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra"

Located in The Buffer Zone of Gunung Leuser National Park


Tangkahan is located in the buffer zone area of Gunung Leuser National Park. The two villages framed the Tangkahan area are Namo Sialang and Sei Serdang village, with the estimated population of 7,433. Livelihood of the villagers are mostly by farming, oil palm, nature rubber, sweet oranges and limes are some of the main local corps commodity.

LPT Tangkahan

Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan (The Tangkahan Tourism Foundation) is a foundation founded by the local people in both the Namo sialang and Sei serdang village, Located in Batang Serangan sub-district, Langkat district. This foundation was formed in April 20, 2001,through the deliberation of the two villages at the Kuala Buluh public hall.


You may choose activities that you like to do, such as forest trekking through interpretation trails, cruising over the river in traditional way, caving or just relax on the river shore. We believe that you would have fun and great experience, as well as enhanced knowledge on the environment and at the same time help local communities.